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Here comes FrankieThaLuckyDog again with another review… Off the Travis James Entertainment & UTP Records labels, here’s my review for Lil’ Cali Work Call. Normally, on a typical day today, where I’m working all week, I probably would’ve never gotten this mixtape on time. Rarely does anybody in the music business fuck wit me serious, anymore. However, thanx to peeps like Mass Appeal being’ behind me, encouraging’ me to “go to them, rather than them coming to you,” that’s one main reason why I decided to go out and search for this CD. And so, I’m putting in that effort on my day off! Let’s hope this goes over well and is appreciated by Cali and his peeps!Start Time: 5:39 PM | End Time: 7:19 PM


4.  “Fuckable” Feat. Juvenile

LOL, looks like tha way I talk, with my “–licious,” “–tacular,” “–ness,” “–less,” etc.! With that bein’ said, I’m lookin’ forward ta hearin’ this! And, we’ve got Mike Maven on tha beat, here… >>> Anotha anticipatin’ beat, here; glad this has an undaground sound! Ooh, diggin’ tha Juve hook!! “You lookin’ fuckable;” how addictive, lol!! And, Juve on tha 1st verse, comin’ through wit a classic, faster-soundin’ flow; luvin’ this!! Really diggin’ tha “fuckable, fuckable, fuck—” shit at 1:25!! Great lil’ breakdown before tha 2nd verse!! And, Cali’s on tha 2nd verse, comin’ through wit catchiness, too; gotta dig these “fuckable” rhymes, lol! My Rating: 4.7

  1. “They Love Me” Feat. UTP

Keepin’ tha UTP affiliates comin’ along, here, with Mike Maven on tha beat! >>> Nice intro from Juve; yeah, gotta detect those mugs! Nobody likes me; I know! Nice job wit tha 1st verse, Juve; you know how I feel about makin’ it through these streetz! Tha 2nd verse’s nice; either Wacko or Skip, I still get them confused… An okay verse; this an okay track, overall… Here you are on tha 3rd verse, Cali, comin’ through wit some catchier rhymes; nice shit here, overall. However, will I ever be anyone’s “Day 1 nigga?” I dunno, err-body can’t handle my true feelings! My Rating: 3.9


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